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A blog about my 1989 Land Rover 90 (Defender). It's here so I don't forget all the stuff I've done to it and will also hopefully be a help to anyone else with similar issues!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

No heater

The heater fan doesn't work though I'm pretty sure it worked the other day but only on the fastest setting. I'm guessing it is either the switch or burnt out resistors (if the Landy is like other cars I've worked on) as fuses are all ok.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

It's alive! :)

Today I decided to give it one last try before calling in an expert! I bled everything from scratch - first of all the banjo bolt on top of fuel filter, then the CAV pump, and then cranked each injector while turning over. Battery was fully charged and it fired up after about 10 seconds cranking, yippee!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Nope, still not running!!!

I put the batteries on charge again last night thinking it would be fine with strong batteries today but nope. I didn't even get a fire out of the bloody thing today!

Still won't start :(

It STILL won't start despite lots of messing about with pumps and pipes!

Basically it wasn't just the union going into the lift pump but the threads were fubar'd and it was leaking. My local Landy specialist didn't have a used pump so I had to buy and fit a whole new lift pump which I did without too much trouble. Even though this meant removing the existing studs and replacing with longer ones and an adapter as they don't make the old style pumps any more.

I then filled the fuel tank with a jerry can's worth of extra fuel (so now over 1/2 a tank) and pressurised it from the fuel filler using a rag and air compressor. Fuel then came out of the disconnected fuel pipe that goes into the lift pump which was then secured and I hand primed the pump until it came out of the lift pump outlet. All pipes were then secured back on again and bled as people have said above. I tried to start it and eventually it did fire up for a few seconds but then died. This happened a couple of times until the battery (and then booster battery) died on me.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Starting problem

Went out to the garage to try again... I loosened the bleed nipple but bob all was coming out of it when manually (or cranking the engine with starter) using the lever on the fuel pump. I then went back through the fuel system from the end at the injectors all the way back to the pipe that goes from the fuel pump to the fuel filter. Even when I pumped this I didn't get any fuel out of the top of the pipe!

Eventually I took off the connector that goes from the fuel tank to the fuel pump and nothing came out even when hung on the floor (below the fuel tank). I sucked this through to get rid of the airlock (which I don't know how got there so far back in the system anyway) and then re-attached the pipe to the fuel pump. When the pump is manually pumped then I can hear it trying but I don't think the connector is sealing as nothing is pumped through and if I put my fingers around it I can feel/hear air escaping from it. All I can think to try now is to get a new pipe/connector that goes from the fuel tank into the fuel pump (presume a dealer only part?) and see what happens then...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Big service day

Big service day! Drained off old oil and removed the oil filter (located back left of the engine), fitted new oil filter and filled with new oil.

Replaced the air filter with a new one - again, nice and easy.

Replaced the front and rear diff oils. Removed the fill plugs first to make sure I didn't end up with drained diffs that had seized fill plugs ;) Drained it straight out (oil wasn't too contaminated) and refilled using an oil syringe.

Removed oil fuel filter and replaced with new one and new sealing washers. Landy wouldn't start after doing this :( Did some reading about it and realised I needed to prime the filter using the manual handle on the lift pump. I loosened the top and pumped the primer until fuel came out and then tightened that back up. I opened what I "think" is the bleed screw on the injector CAV pump and used the primer until fuel came out. I then tried cranking it and after quite a long time it fired up for about a second before dying straight away and now my battery is flat! :( Put in on charge overnight...

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bought service bits

Went and bought lots of oils, filters etc ready for a full service the next day.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Bonnet pull and A bar

There was no bonnet release cable and was just a bit of chain hanging out of the front grille. This came off in my hand the previous night so I couldn't open the bonnet! I decided to attach a piece of rope as a temporary measure until I got a new cable. Typically this was a pain as I needed to take the grille off, to do that I had to take the A bar off, and to do that I had to remove the front bumper! While I had the A bar off I resprayed this black as the paint had peeled off in places showing a lovely green colour! I got all this done without too much fuss and attached a piece of rope as an external bonnet pull that ties neatly to the headlight guard :)

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Gearbox isn't dead!

Anyway, once in the garage and advice sought from it turned out to be the handbrake of all things! The handbrake works on the transmission rather than brakes (basically uses a drum on the prop) and although fully off in the cabin, the connecting rod wasn't fully disengaging the handbrake. Once it was all cleaned up and greased then no problem anymore :)

Collected new Landy!

Collected new Landy. A 1989 Land Rover 90 with 2.5TD engine. Good original condition, excellent chassis, good bulkhead (just a couple of small 2p size holes). Pretty standard but with chequerplate bonnet, wing tops, sills, and rear corners. Rear light guards. Front light guards, foam A bar, spotlights (not wired in), and grille and headlight surrounds painted silver.

When driving home I had problems with real jerkiness when in 1st and 2nd gear. It felt like the engine was trying to escape it was that bad! I was really worried that it was gearbox related and I'd bought a lemon!!!