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A blog about my 1989 Land Rover 90 (Defender). It's here so I don't forget all the stuff I've done to it and will also hopefully be a help to anyone else with similar issues!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Snorkel Fitted

Well today I got round to completing the fitting of my snorkel. What I had hoped would be a simple straightword job according to the instructions turned out to be a real pain - much like everything else seems to do!

The first step in the installation instructions said to remove the vent cover on the passenger side wing. On my Landy there isn't a vent on either wing :( It turns out that at some stage in its life it has had a new wing which must have been replaced with one from a NA or V8 which don't have the vent -grrrrr!!! Because of this none of the pipework was right and I had to tackle it a whole different way...

In the end I bought a length of air duct tubing which I ran direct from the air filter all the way to the inside of the wing behind the heater box. I then had to cut a hole in the wing which was finished with kitcar edging to help stop any chaffing and then up to bottom of the snorkel pipe.

I got there in the end (over a period of days having to wait to source parts etc) and am pretty happy with the end result.